1. All contestants must be Barbadian citizens.
  2. Acts requiring more than eight (8) feet of ceiling height will not be allowed.
  3. Acts will be allotted no more than five (5) minutes to perform.
  4. Participants will be penalized if time is exceeded.
  5. A participant may only perform once during a show. Group acts must contain no more than SIX (6) persons. Any participant found to have done otherwise will be disqualified.
  6. No profanity or vulgar lyrics will be allowed in any performance.
  7. No nudity allowed. Keep attire at respectful and tasteful levels.
  8. No ambush marketing (means advertising rival products or companies at the event, of the official sponsors e.g Flow products if Digicel is the sponsor).
  9. No alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements are to be represented on any clothing, props, lyrics or in any gestures.
  10. No pyrotechnics, open flames, or any other dangerous additions will be allowed.
  11. Performers must provide their own recorded music, instruments and props.
  12. Recorded music MUST be submitted via email forty-eight (48) hours prior to the performance, in MP3, MP4 or WAV file format (There will be NO EXCEPTIONS)
  13. All qualifiers must attend all scheduled rehearsals and workshops.
  14. All approved acts/talents will undergo an orientation session prior to each parish audition.


Note: See below for judging criteria


The Judging criteria will be based on the following for a total of 100 points;

Presentation: Stage presence, showmanship and appearance, appropriate attire and use of props. (20pts)

Technical correctness: Voice quality, pitch and projection/use of instrument, Rhythm, precision and technique/ coordination. (20pts)

Creativity: originality, creativity in delivery of act and Uniqueness (20pts)

Interaction and Response: (20pts)

Social Media: (10 pts), Text to win (5 pts) and Audience response (5 pts)

A pool of judges will be appointed to serve the talent shows.

The Judges’ decision is binding and final on all matters relating to this contest.